Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dollarbies Aplenty... and more...SHAMELESS

My wonderful friend Vanora sent me some notecards today, for these wonderful dollarbie goodies, and so I thought to share them with you as well......I am not sure how long any of these will last so Once you see the Blog, RUNNN for the hills and start grabbing the goodies.. (thnaks Van for sending all this marvelous goodness my way...)

Shamless...... that's the name of this most splendid place...

Here , just inside the entryway you will spot 7 dollarbie boxes .. 3 are skins, and 4 are winter fairy outfits..
I bought one skin and 2 of the outfits ere's a preview of one of the skins... I bought this one to match the outfit, called fairy ice .. The skin is called Xmas fairy ice.. heheh Aptly named.......
hair is free from the staff at CLUB DESTINY , where I work LM/ taxi to Shamless
More Shameless, just a different Building.... This building is called Intimate.. So rightly named let me tell you.....

Here you will find lots of goodiesfrom 1L, 3L and 5L .........this section has tons of colors for 1L

this sections of steamy wonders for 3L

and this section of more sexiness for 5L

Still more ........ Wonderful goodies (some for a limited time only )

Yet still more to see and get .. all these are for 5L

still more coming so sit for a spell and enjoy all the goodies...heheheheheh

this bunch is all for 1L
and on the same wall right next to it you can find these 2 goodies for 5L each...

Still another building to look into full of goodies all on the same site.. WOOTTTT
all it seems from the Calets group...(join for wonderful updates....)

Now from a different designer I believe.. Mia Moda, but still in the same plaza/group..
All of these wonderful Tees for 1L each ....
1. 2.


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