Saturday, December 6, 2008

RiFi Emporium hunt

Today we are going to start our freebie hunt at RiFi Emporium......ust recieved a post, I am off to hunt for 16 small presents around the store.. SO ......

Im off to see if I can get them all...

Here is a lis of the gifts and what they are.. Woot .. I found all but 1
1. 50L gift card
2. 50 L gift card

3. 100L gift card

4. 100L gift card

5. 250L gift card.

6. smokey green eyes

7. jade twisters gold earrings

8. ? unable to find

9. hip shiny? says to wear it.. Found out that this is a poofer, you wear it and it attatches to the left hip and emitts little sparks of light.. quite cute actually .....

10-.object named Play tag ? Not sure what it is, I think it might be a pose ball?
11. polka dot fun in lime....I so adore this cute little outfit.. I think i'll wear it for a while.. hehehehehheheh. as i love the way it flutters around me when I walk..

12. secret seduction gown in red ... couldnt get it to rezz, as there was nothing inside of my bag.. Sorry all..........

13. half of the Sunshine Acid...? says eat it (wear it) hehehehehehe when u do u are surounded in a haze of Psychadelic colors that only u can see, as I couldn'tr capture them on film.. so in a sense,,(its all in your mind, What a great Acid trip for sure...... LMAO ....
14. pink little pony....(wear me) Ohh My this was really cute, and you can fly with it as well.. I so luvvv this.. Really cute for the little child in all of us....

15. free kitten box

16. Gorean red fruit ? just wear it and it has a little animation.. (kind of comical) hehehehehee

Well the hunt was a lot of fun , and its not limited to the inside of the store either .is outside as well, so good luck hunting.. I found all but one,#8.. And I think that it's due to the fact that there are 2 #9's.. both the same thing, so just letting you all know.....


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