Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wet your Whistle for FREEEEEEEEEEEE

Tonight is All about finding some great FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE and wonderful items.. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, who could resist, wanting to loko their best, whether in Rl or Sl.... And to tell you the truth.. Sl is looking better and better for me lately.. LMao.. I never get to see my Rl hubby.. He's always workign.. So............... what better way to occupy my tiume, and my mind, then to click on Sl, an dstart hunting for all those things I wish I had in Rl... So you ready to shop my lovlies...?

Starting here at RBZ Design's I just recieved this awsome notecard about a wonderful freeeebie Just for you... The notecard says.. This gown is just perfect for dancing.. So come on in and get it while it's Hot and FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and try it out yourselves....

Also while you are in the store.. make sure to check out the Lucky board,

and grab those 2 freeee bags hiding in the corner.. One for the ladies, which is this really cool pair of Black leather pants.. FREEEEEEEEEEEE

And for the men.. This awosme pair of Camo pants for FREEEEEEEEEEEE


We are now heading to Biohazard where ther are 2 new hunts going on at the store.. The first New hunt gift you can pick up is the Stupid Cupid Hunt gift#42.. Find Cupids Red arrow and get this.... cute broken heart tank and pasty set ....For FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

The second newest Hunt is the Broken Hearts Hunt gift #152.. Find the red heart and get this pair of beautiful shoes for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


And tonight I came across a brand new place I have NEVER been , and found a great Mm Board with a very seductive and sexxxxay little outfit upon it that ONLy requires 25 slaps in order to get the gifty by midnight.. So come on in and slap away at this board, and lets meet that target... Come on in to Evolve and see whats new....


Valentine's Day Gifties are everywhere, and here at Mannon's Fashion you can pick up 2 very nice gifts for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe.. first is this lovley dress....../ outfit

Second is this very pretty bracelet and necklace set for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE

Moving right along today

Announcing a very special Crimson Red version of our Miranda Gown, a gorgeous candy heart red colored dress that is our gift of appreciation for subscribe-o-matic members who have been with us for 14 days or longer. Happy Valentine's Day!

You will find the vendor in the main store right next to the Subscrib-o! Just touch it to get the dress, non-members can purchase the dress for 100L, or sign up now and come back in 14 days to get it. The dress will remain available for all of February, so there is still time to get your friends into the group before this offer expires.


Next up we have another great find.. My last for tonight though.. Here at Supreme Clothing

all freebies and dollarbies for few days on the shelf upstairs.
we R a small boutique if crowded sometimes can be a little laggy pls allow few mnts the spot to rezz and if u can ' t wait pls come back or visit the blog while U r waiting! ❀♥

Items are from 1L to 5L.. depending on what you want.. Just take a look and have fun ya'll.. Enjoy......... This Lovely V neck shirt was only 1L.......


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