Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Search For Seren

Hey all.. Just got another great Notice form Seren's Closet, and I had to tp on over ther ASAP, to make sure I slapped the Mm Board with this Absulutely stunning gown upon it.. Only 50 slaps are needed in order to meet the Target goal by Midnight.. I know we can do it.. This gown is gorgeous.. Come look for yourselves..

And.. Since you are already here.. Make sure to grab the 2 wonderful Gifts by the front door.. You will be surprised at how absolutley beautiful both items are.. and ................ Only 1L each.. So come and grab them while you can... MAke sure to check out the Lucky chair for your chance to win this outfit, or one of the others already in the Lucky chair...... Good Luck...

Check out the Artwork on the wall while you are here.. She has some really terrrific pieces.. I bought 2.. And at only 50L I believe they a re worth it ...


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