Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sacred Rose

OK all I am needing to do some quick posts Today so I dont lose al;l you wonderful Readers.. Rl has been very busy for me today, But You all are important to me, so this Blog is Just for you.. i am here at Sacred Rose Today Due to a Im I recieved about the Mm Boards, which, if I am Not mistaken.. Are HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
We need 200 slaps each to meet the Target goal by Midnight, BUT.. These items are a MUST HAVE.... So ladies and GEnts.. Come on in and slaps those boards.. You will be pleasantly surprised to say the least... But hurry.. hehehehehehhehehe

Also while you are here..... MAke sure to check out this FABULOUS gown , which jusrt happens to be this Week's bargain, and one that I could NOT pass up.. at only 50L This gown is like a lovers touch caressing my body with silky satin fabric, and cascading all around me... So worth snatching up in my opinion.. And I did too.....

And.................. if you happen to check the 3rd floor.. you will find 4 boxes neatly lined up in the corner, with some free stuff for men and women.. Check them out.. And have fun.......


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