Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For all Sl Vendors.

I am doing something a little differnt Tonight.. I have met some really great people here in the last few days, and I have just heard about a gridwide hunt that they are wanting to put together.. I know that these hunts take a lot of time, and planning, and I want to get the word out about this hunt...... So if you are a vendor or anyone you know is a vendor and you think they would like to participate in this upcoming hunt.. here is all the info you need to know.... Just make sure to pass this along.. PLEASE and Thank you

★★ Rules For All Wheel Of The Year Hunts ★★
★ This is a new hunt group for Pagans. This includes ALL Pagans and Pagan friendly stores. While we will happily accept Cowen hunters and vendors, we will also happily boot them from the group for preaching to us.
★ There will be a new hunt for each majorly recognized Sabbat. Please do not get your knickers in a twist if your Sabbat is not what we choose to represent that month.
★ There are no restrictions as to what type of gift you give. However , no resellers, business in a box and/or freebies found in BIAB will be accepted.
★ Gifts must be unisex or one for each gender.
★ Gifts do not have to be Pagan in nature, but they must relate somehow to the theme of the currently represented Sabbat.
★ All questions should be sent via Notecard. Notecard should be labled WOTYH Q - Your Name and sent to Violet Steamweaver
Our first hunt will be in celebration of the Spring Equinox and will take place from March 1-31:

If you require further information, please contact Violet Steamweaver, Wheel Of The Year Hunts Organizer.

Applications will be accepted from February 1st until February 21st.
The hunt will take place from March 1-31
The order of the hunt will be the order in which applications are received.
The general WOTYH rules apply
Gifts must be in accordance with the Ostara/Spring theme
If you'd be interested in joining us, fill out this application and return it to Violet Steamweaver by February 21st


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