Thursday, February 18, 2010

I want More

Well, Logging on tonight....... I have a few different notecards about some really cool shoes, So we are going to start our journey, to Satisfy the feet.. lol..... .
So our first stop is at Pixxs Visions.. I have never heard of it before.. But as I was tp ing around I spotted these Amazing MUST Have boots upon the MM Board.. I dont think anyone really knows about this place, but I am hoping you will all pass this along ... Thses boots are AWSOME... come slap the Board...... 150 slaps required to meet the target goal by midnight and ensure the gift....

Also, on the other side of the doorway, you will spot this other cool outfit on the other MM Board.. 75 slaps is all it takes for this cool outfit that will go really well with those boots.. Freee just slap the board peoples......


walking through the same sim, because I have never been here , i stumble upon some awsome treats.. We are all looking for some fantastical skins , and I found 3 different types of Dollarbie Skins sitting in the corner on a counter here at Dulce Secrets.. And i really am in luvvv with these skins.. take a look at just a few samples.... the first is Kayti

the second is Lizelle, and the 3rd is Tiesa.. All come with many skin tones..... in ewah bag... Shown are just a few versions..

Then if you hit the subscribo.. you get a mini fat pack of 4 differnt skin tones in 3 versions. a total of 12 skins , for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


And....................... Still walking trough the same sim....... I spotted 6 Lucky chairs sitting outside of a nice shop called... Gwen's Den, Leather Accessories.. Chairs change every 10 minutes .. So come on in and take a look around...

walk into the back of the store, and check out the 2 items on the MM Boards in the back

100 slaps each are required to meet the target goal by midnight.... These baggies are wayyyy cool and Freeeee Grab your friends and start slapping....


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