Sunday, February 7, 2010

Swimming for Valentines

Well, a quick post this morning, as rl is getting in the way asusual today.. But ill be back on later to do a much better job.. So, I am here at SWIm, with this Month's WOnderful Dollarbie.. Come on in and check it out.. This is really cute, and since it isnt really all that cold here in Sl, this swmwear can be worn just about anywhere, and at just about anytime you wish...... So come in and get yours today.. 1l each for mens and ladies...

And since you are already here.. Check out thios weeks Half price item .. Such a cute set for only 37L each for men and ladies.....

And dont forget to look around and find the 2 Lucky chjairs.. I .. Such wonderful pieces too... I absolutely luvvvvv coming here to SWIM... The best suits ever are made here .. And what I saw.. was actually this weeks New item in the chairs .. one for men and one for the ladies.. Please enjoy and have fun at SWIm all my wonderful readers .. Chairs change every 9 minutes


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