Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Virtually Insane ..

Continuing the Hunts, I am still here on the Heart and Sole Sim, looking for wonderful cute little pink hearts, and I am here at Virtual Insanity, where.... There are 5 more wonderful little hearts to fins with some great items for all..

# 1 Unaccounted for...

#2 ,, a set of really cool Pasties....... 3 colors. only 2 of which are shown

#3 ..a Zebra Choker.

#4.. Lip peircing..

#5.. A really cool Soulmates Belt

Also make sure to slap that MM Board, and pick up the other hunt prizes in the store as well...

The shoes and Accessory Hunt gift # 51 can be found in the store ..Also another cool looking belt... So good luck and have fun


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