Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I"m so Vacarious

Continuing on with some more wonderful finds.. I am back again here at Vicarious Vitae, where, I totally overlooked the clearance section, and Maybe should NOt have,.... Thanks to Violet.. I was informed of a New Dollarbie that she just retired there, called Ladybug.. This is soo totally cute.. I had to show it to you.. only 1L

And make sure to check out all the other wonderful cheapies in the room.. There was NOTHINg over 5L. That I saw... So.. Basically EVERYTHING in the room is from 1-5 L... Yep .. thats absolutely Correct.. So come on in and check this wonderful bargain room out.. Ther are even cute outfits for the girls.. I fell in luv with these heart jeans, and tee for only 1L.. I think your adoring little one would like them as well.. Only 1L..... Check out all the other cute little girls things as well...


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