Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lucky Chairs and More Part #2

Well Today we are going to continue on my week long stretch to find the coolest Lucky Chairs, and more, such as Mm Boards , lucky cupcakes, and Lucky boards, lucky presents, and whatever else I can find out here in Sl world.. heheheh So Lets get started today here at Tasty, where.. I found 2 wonderful MM Boards with a gift for you sexxxxy Sl men, and you lovely Sl ladies out ther..... .. Each board only needs 50 slaps in order to meet tonights target goal, so come on in and start slapping away.......

And while you are here.. Make sure to check out the Lucky cappy cake....


And now.. Moving on to yet another wonderful store...... Landing here at Divaliscious where you can find this very hottt little outfit in the Lucky chair ther.. Chair changes every 20 minutes, and believe it or not...... I saw a V just calling my name from the chair with 16 minutes left on it, so I jumped it, and yesss, It was mine mine mine.. All mine.. heheheheheheheh .. So come and see if you can get as lucky as me.....

Also up for grabs on the Mm Board is this 500L gift card.. Only 100 slaps needed by Midnight tonight.. think you are up to the challenge?

Also in store is a mini Valentines hunt, To celebrate Valentines day DivaLicious has 10 hidden pink hearts hidden in and around the store.
Collect all ten hearts to complete the outfit. Everything you need to set your valentines heart racing.
Each heart will cost you 25L so you get the entire set for 250L.
A hint box is set up on the desk so if you need some help grab that.
Happy hunting and have a fantastic Valentines day.


Now.. Moving right along this mornign.... We are heading to Sassy where.. you can find....A group gift is currently available til Valentine's Day!
If you are part of the Sassy group.. Make sure to activate your tag, and you can get this very sweet and cute outfit for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE... What more could you ask for? LMAO.. Never mind.. Dont answer that.. hehehehehhehehe

and....................make sure to check out the MM Board for your chance to get this pretty little outfit.. Only 100 slaps needed to meet the target goal by midnight....

And...... right beside the Mm Board, you will see the Lucky chair with this Hottt little lacey outfit upon it.. Why not try and see if you can get Lucky ? Never hurts to try...

Unfortunately. I didnt get lucky this time.. Sorry, but you might.. hehehe Good luck and enjoy....


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