Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Shoes.....and more

I know that these have been out for A while, At least I think they have, SO i will hurry u p and post about the Fabulous shoes here at the Dominion Fashion Distric, and Eva shoes..

First up, The Dominion.. has these Really cool looking Sculpted shoes, with feet... for FREEEEEE... comes in red,

Then here at Eva shoes.. THere is a really cool pair of Burrberry boots for FREEEE.. on the wall,.. Just come on in and grab them up....

Bunny hop #180 here at Sentou Yousei.. A fat pack or 3 pair of shoes with matching handbags.. Very nice too....... Just find the egg and they are yours.. WOOHOO
Also we have some really pretty dresses out ther for you today as well.. From the Grid Wide Bunny Hop Hunt .... This very pretty in pink dress is from Sister Strawberry #173..

Who says u cant have any fun when Hunting in Sl? heheheheheheheh

Still hunting for some great goodies for all and I found this wonderful looking knit Dollarbie dress and skin at the entrance of Gigi Couture... 1L.. so come on in and grab a really nice sweater/ dress....... skin included aswell....... and while you are here make sure to grab the Bunny hopping hunt gift.. #186


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