Friday, April 17, 2009

Fabulous Friday Freebies

Wow!!!!!!! I cant believe the week is already over.. yeah ... time for the wonderful eekend... Hope these goodies help.........Sexy tops and more to be found, here at Vanilla C Designs.. For free. These are in gift boxes, sitting underneath a white tree outside in the courtyard , all are labeled pressie 1=4

One item , the hat and scarf.. together/ set 1l.. I believe that this one is pressie 4 1L.....

Make sure that when u r ther to snag the wonderful present hidden inside the easter egg wrapped with a cute little bow...... Freeeeeeeee, Diamond heart necklace.. Very cute.......
Sexy Sexy Sexy ooooohhh sooo sexy Skin from NADAS... if u are not a member, just join and get the gift.. U can also be a Fashions R Us member and touch the board right next to it and get it ther as well.. So u can be a member of either group and get this wonderful skin... Come check it out......

Wanna be a Butterfly princess? or just get great stuff? lol Well join the group and get this wonderful striped outfit w/ stockings.. for FREEEEEEEEE

Or try and snag these wonderful goodies from the lucky chairs they have ther.. 2 of them .. at 20 minute intervals....

Then if u wanna take a break for only 10 minutes, and check out your inventory and all, or just chat with a friend, come on over to Milestone Creations and have a seat and grab this wonderful pair of Cupcake earrings.. Look at how cute they really are.. Makes me hungry for sweets just looking at them ..


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