Monday, April 13, 2009

SL Info Hunt

The best of the best ? Well I luv to Hunt and Im just showing you some goodies that I have happened to find.. Just find the egg with the cute bow on it and get the prize and the Lm to the next place.. just like the Bunny Hop hunt, but this one is shorter, and goes on til the 19th of this month.. *******NOTE... All outfits and everything you see here is being Modelled by my good friend Bridjette... Thanks for being a great sport Bridj... U r the best...*****So u might wanna hurry and find these eggs before the Easter Bunny decides to Pick them up.. and dissapear with them.....
The first one is from Ibazzarre.... #3 A really cute pant/ capri outfit


From the Moonland Mall, you can aquire this sexy Blue and Black outfit as well, as this red bikini for Freeeeee inside the egg hidden ther .. Just look and ye shall seek....

Coming to you live from Estelle, is this very sexy dressy outfit in black and red.. Which of course , I am going to keep.. #9

This one is from Dead Rabbit and its really cute........ #8


Then ther is # 12 from Swanson... which is another wonderful outfit that looks really good on Bridjette, and its just cute and perfect for spring/ summer, not just Easter......


Then we are off to another wonderful location, with another great goodie to find, which brings us here to Yesssss Design.... #13 Called Snow.. And I think its perfect for everyone . I so Luvvvvvvvvvvv it,.................


And the last one for today so I can get back to the hunt is this sexy outfit that Bridjette is wearing from Angel Dessous , #15 This sexy white lingerie outfit.. Perfect for any occasion.

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