Sunday, April 19, 2009

Got Feet? Will Travel....

Shoes anyone? If you are a shoe fetish person like me, then you like shoes.. No ,, LUVE shoes..... I do.. In Rl as well..... To be honest.. My 3 year old, has 17 pair of shoes in her closet for all occasions.. hehe, and just like in Sl... I loive shoes.. just as much as Rl.. So heare we go on a shoppign trip for Shoessssss....... We are begining today with Aryanna's Closet. with 3 pair of FREEEEEEE shoes.. Yesss. I am so hooked. and they are all pink... and FREEEEEEEEE..


For all u Fashions -R-Us members and those of you who would like to join the group..e free gift of the weewk is this wonderful Springy and adoarable, outfit from G&N Quality Designs.. FREEEEE and it includes the white pumps.. Yeahhhhh more shoes.. hehehehehhehe I feel like a kid in a candy store, but only better, older , and more giddy..... lol


And yet more shoes.. hehehe.. here at peppermint Blue we have severla FREEEEEbies for you ....... 3 lovely outfits, but only 2 with shoes.. But hey.. More shoes is more shoes, even better when they R FREEEEEEEE.....


More wonderful goodies from Peppermint Blue at the Dont ask Location.. All outfits come with shoes.. / boots.. Yeah.. I think Im getting my shoe fix for the night.. YEAHHHHHH ........


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