Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Midnight Mania..

Wanna get some realy good stuff?.. Well Here are quite a few MM Boards for you to stop and slap...... All are awsome and all have a variety of wonderful goodie to grab......

Lets start here with Jazmyn D Skins.... where u can get this wonderful sexy Denim outfit with the shoes for FREEEEEE....just slap the board and get your name up ther...... And if the target goal is reached by Midnight , you won that wonderful goodie. Yeahhhhh..


Here at Brimstone Creations you have your choice.. Woot.. One MM Board for the ladies, and one Mm board for the men.... Yeahhhhhh ...... Shoes too.. And you all know by now that I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv shoes.. hehehehhe.. Very nice looking sets for either sex......


Ther are also 2 very Hotttttttt outfits for both sexes here at RBZ Designs.. One MM Board for each .. One male, with a sexy Black leather jacket thats open and shows a sexy chest.. And for the ladies....... A very cute black and turquoise dress.. very cute.. Both for FREEEEE just slap that board and make sure you get up ther before Midnight to win the goods.. Woot...


Then if you head to one of my Favorite stores.. Dare Designs..... You can get this wonderful cute outfit called She Devil in Red.. Just slap your name up on the MM Board, and its all yours..... Woot... If 300 peoples are on the board by Midnight ... You all get the drift of this now huh ?


After that head on over to Shoe Fly shoes and slap that Mm Board as well...... And get these wonderful pair of Black gathered boots.. Woot.. Sexy ..... and FReee IF the target is reached by Midnight ....


Want some Demon Horns anyone? If so hop on over here to NCD and get up on that MM Board.. You will get 2 pair, one regular bone structure, the other in mettalic bone structure.. Pretty neat huh ? Well I thought so for the demon in me.. What about you?


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