Sunday, April 5, 2009

On the QT

I just got a notice in and wanted to bring it to your attention becasue all 6 outfits are FREEEE

Here on the front steps, er. outside by the front steps of QT Clothing, that is, you will find a billboard, with 6 outfits on it, all for FREE, so if you like what you see, or if its just one outfit that you like and want, come on in and grab it while you can, because..again.. I do not know how long they will be ther .. A cute little star dress....

An adorable Camo outfit
...A very sexy black lace undie set
...A sparklly gold bathing suit piece... A very cute Kiss me / lip off the shoulder shirt and skirt set
And the last little cute shirt on the list is this one that says Lagtastic on the front and ...

on the back it says Downloading clothing 30% I love it and I had to have all the FReebies up on the board.. Hey , they're FREEEEEE.....


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