Monday, April 13, 2009

Pretty , Pretty , pretty

It's Monday once again.. And now that Easter is over, what lurks around the corner waiting for us?.. Who knows? More hunts, and lots of fun? Not sure, But today, I'm bringing you some wonderful group gifts.. It's another Start of a long week for some, and school, and all, so lets lessen the burden of Fashion , by bringing some awsome sexy goodies into it... Starting with Envy, and this wonderful gift ....u can wear it with or with out the skirt, really cute and comes with the shoes too.. Yeahhh I love shoes.. hehehehehhe


Then we have this sexy necklace and earring set from Pheonix Rising...

make sure you hit the subscribo and grab the 1L gift that sits on the table.... A really pretty Tulip dress, NOT just for Easter, but good for Spring/ and Summer ...


Next is this very cute and alluring top/ jacket set from the GF update group.. join the subscribo and get it in notices../ past history.... Pretty pretty pretty ,, I luvvvvvvvv it


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