Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Groupies.

Today is my Favorite day of the week, Why? All the Wonderful group gifts and goodies that you can find out ther.. Woot.. So here today I have a long list of wonderful goodies for all of you today...... First up is from She Wants Revenge update group... If you are NOT a groupie, please join and you can find this wonderful goodie in the notices..... Luv this cute sexy Bunny outfit...

And you can also get this wonderful prezzie as well.. I really like this outfit. Also from She wants Revenge
I just got this in and thought I needed to bring it to your attention as well.. It's from The Rock Me Amadeus Group..... You get all 4 sexy silky shirts for 1L.... So come on down to the store and grab your shirts peoples.. They ROCK!!!!!!!!!! hehehe 1L for all 4..


Then we have this wonderful red sexy Fire looking outfit From Handel mainstore.....just from being in the group.. Woot.. make sure you also grab the egg with prezzie inside.. .... You cant miss it... Outfit comes complete with red shoes....... very sexyyyyyyyyy and free .. Join the subscribo, and look in past notices to get the gift...


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