Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shoe hunt from Vinyl

Copied just for you......(The Vinyl Cafe has a brand new Treasure Hunt that starts TODAY just for members of The Vinyl Cafe Addicts Group! Not a member? Join today! It's easy and it's FREE. Just touch the group joiner sign at The Vinyl Cafe or search for us in groups.
Now you're ready to start hunting!
All over the Vinyl Cafe Shops and the Dominion Fashion District you'll find hidden treasure chests filled with freebies! All of the Treasures in this hunt are high quality and super fashionable stilettos and boots! Many of the stiletto sandals feature prim toes and feet, and gorgeous designer details like bows, buckles, flowers, and spikes. Come and grab all 10 pair of these hot shoes and boots in a rainbow of colors for spring.
Be sure to have your Vinyl Cafe Addicts tag activated and just click on the little treasure chests you find hidden all over The Vinyl Cafe sim and The Dominion Fashion District.)

Can u collect all 10 Pair?

Look in both Lm's to find all 10 pair..... I found them all, but I think Sl ate a pair becasue I can't seem to find it now, but I know I got them all.. heheheheh Here are the pics....


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