Thursday, April 16, 2009

So many Goodies ...

OOOhhhhh I so luv it with tons of goodies to be had, ... Yeahhhhhhhh
Here at Sole Sisters you can grab this ownderful pair of Sculpted sandals, with colorchange/ skin matching hud, and all.. 1L.. Woot.. Thats absolutely wonderful, and will only be available at this special low price of 1L.. for 1 week only.. So come and get them while you can.. Woot...


Sexy outfit from She Wants Revenge update group.. FREEEEEEE.. join the group and get the goods.. I love this group and the gifts are always wonderful.. and sexy ...Wanna know how to get it ?
look me up, in profile, find the Revenge group , hit info, and u can join at any time.... Look up history/ notices, and get the goods... U will not be dissapointed ...... This group Rocks....Just ask any of the revenge fanatics out ther.....

You can snag yourself this wonderful pose ball set if and whn u join the Subscribo, here at H&S Village/ Pulling Strings.. Lots of other freebies to be had as well, Such as 3 boxes of FREEEE poses, and a lucky chair with some wonderful poses in it as well.. So come on in and have a look a round and grab the freebies, and join the group.. Its free and wont take up any group slots, so its worth it..


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