Sunday, November 22, 2009

P.s. I love You

Well I'm logged on tonight waiting for my son to go to sleep. and this is the only way I can get him to settle down, I turn on the music, and scroll through Second Life.. Hehehehe.. And so I am really gld I did Tonight.. because I have found some wonderful things for you all tonight Here at P.S. Style..... Skins and clothing for you for Only 1L.. each.. Lets start with the fabulous skins I found up on the wall, only 1L. each.. Very sexy huh ?

Then we have some fabulous outfit for you as well for only 1L....

Check out these cool lookign shirts for only 1L.. each..

And I cant let you all get away, without showing you the Group gift, (Freee to anyone). this is very sexxxay, and FReeeeeeee so come on in a dngrab these hotttttties before they go poooooof...................


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