Saturday, November 7, 2009

50L Promo FAe

OMG.. I just logegd back on , and have recieved this Notecard, about this Amazing Faye Outfit on sale this weekend only as a Promo, on a New Line... I am a fae Fan, and have been ever since I went to the Reinnesance Festiveal a few months ago.. I fell in love with the atmosphere and all that it intailed.. And so when I saw this I had to bring it to your attention..... here is the info you need to know.....

Here's a short lil promo, getting ready to hide away and get things ready for the next event!But before I do wanted to slip out a lil promo piece. This gown will be 50L for only Sat and Sunday Come monday it'll go to its regular 400L price tag.
It's gown one in the new Royal Fae line,for those of you who loved the deep color of the Vanity Gown it's the samefamily of deep rich purple. Royal Fae Amthyest comes with Fae Wings,Gown and Circlet.Get yours while it's on sale ;) Only 50L...

And I of course had to grab one just for me as well.. Dont I look cute ? heheheheheheh


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