Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Mm Board Kind of Day

Starting today out right .. heheh I am here at DV8, where I just came to slap the Mm Board, with the Newext outfit upon it, only to find that it is already full.. UUGGHHHH.. But You ca bet I will try my best to get in here first thing in the mornign and slap that puppy for this Fabulous outfit.. and hey,, Did you notice those awosme roller skates? I myust have them.. hehehehehehhehe....

And the new group gift is out as well.. Group tag MUst be worn in order to recieve this awsome pair of boots.. AS must have as well.. So join the group and grab the gifts.. hehehehehe... Freeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Landing now here at Ema's You can grab this wonderful outfit on the Mm Board here.. ANd yess there are still plenty of slots open,. so get in here and slap away// woot.. Love goodies, and all for freee..


On another whirlwind flight, leading us to Pukis Crazy fashion Where .. you guessed it.. Another Mm Board.. heheh So come on in and slap away.. This Board, well, there are 2.. One with a 50L gift certificatye, the second with this awosme lo0king outfit on it.. SAO come slap away

And Now For a FREEEEEEEEEEE gift from HoWear.. Woot.. You all should Know the Drill By Now. This Gift is ONLY FREE TILL 8PM TONIGHT.. after that you lose out.. So hurry on in while you can, and grab this Fabulous Outfit.. Fot FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..


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