Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Lucky

Im just jumping right into things today as we have quite a few.. First up.. It's a Family affair at Ema's........... The MM boards are 0/150. One is in Ema's and one is in Ema's Dilemas. So if one board is closed please walk over to the other store and slap that one. Don't forget to check out the lucky chairs. ..

Next up we have this wonderful new item here at Peppermint Blue.. FREEEEEEEEEEEE.. So come on in and grab it up my lovlies.. You all know whats in store.. the shapes, a multitude of skins, the outfit, the shoes, and the hair.. All for free, so come grab it ....


It's been a while since I have been here to Thalia's , and I have some wonderful item's for you on the MM Boards that are here..... So if you like please come slap away..............


There are many wonderful items in the 4 lucky chairs to be won here at MiLady's. So come on in and check them out.. You never know.. You may just get Lucky......


There are 3 wonderful Lucky chairs here at Psycotic Neko mall as well, and they are awsome......... Im stalkign the chairs, cause I want this amazing Braided Skull Neko tail.. It's Wayyy too cool to pass up.. Im here till I get it.... heheh might take all night, but I dont care.. it's worth it...... Come check it out with me, and the other wonderful goodies on the 3 chairs.......

Also at the mall , but here at passionate Neko, Ladies... you can grab this wonderful outfit on the MM Board. just outside the store.. Come on and check it out.. Only 150 slaps needed in order to get the goods..

Also located at the Mall, a place called Use Less. Lovvvvv it.. A must have place to keep in your lm's// this place Rawwwkkksssss .. Seriously.. check out the Mm Board.. Make sure to slap it silly.. for this very cool , lip peircing..

Then check out the Lucky chair inside, for a chance to win this.......

And make sure to grab the 2 FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEbies, located in the boxes, to the right of the chair, as you are facing it.......


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