Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For the Newb in you..

Hey ther all.. Been quite a long day here...... But I found something Extra specail Just for the Newbs out ther....... Located here at Szentasha Fashions offers a special to all new players. If you have been in Second Life for less than 60 days, you qualify for a single free outfit of your choice. You can select from all of our outfits.
To claim your Newbie Special, teleport to our main shop at Whisper Estate and touch the picture of the outfit you want. You will be asked to confirm your selection by pressing Yes. Be sure to look at all of our outfits before making your selection, because you can only pick one. Some outfits come in many colors. For these, touch the color box that you want.
Remember that you can only claim the Newbie Special at Whisper Estate. Use the LM below. While at Whisper, keep your eyes open for other freebies and special offers. If you join our group, you can touch the purple glowing flower for members only specials, including access to outfit variations not available in the shop. These specials change every time we have a new release. To join our group, search Groups for Szentasha and press Join.


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