Friday, March 20, 2009

Word of the day.. FREE

Lots of Freebies to be had here at Roponngi and Syounan .... Come on down and take a look .... Some very nice innexpensive goodies all around as well... First we have some freeeeee skin...

Then we have some freee boots

Next we have some freeeeeee shades

finally we have a free fan with animation and 2 different fan versions.. open and closed.. FREEEEEEE

Free outfit and boots at the Dominion Fashion District.. for a limited time only.. FREEEEE so come and get yours now......

I just recieved a notice today about Luna's New Freebie.. So I thought I'd share it with you... Its on the second floor incase you havent been ther, and so you dont spend all day looking for it......

Outfit is called Relax........ heheheheheheheh
AND last but not least for today...... We are going back to the Costume place to grab a ton of wonderful freebies form the lucky chairs that they have ther At least 36 of them I believe.. and they change pretty quickly so you wanna get lucky? The word of the day is FREEEEEEEEE.

A sexy light Blue Neko outfit complete with paws and tail..(sorry No ears though)

A very HOttttt looking black and red lingerie outfit FREEE in the lucky chairs..

Cute Fairy outfit with wand and poofer.. and 2 sets of wings,, that have the poofers and one that does not... FREEEEE

A sexy black outfit from Ronja's Collection called Black Mamba.. which I really like...

Feel like going a little bit country? Well this adaorable peach outfit can be found in the lucky chairs as well.. there ia also a green version ther as well..... And of course I had to grab them both...... they are FREEEEE


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