Thursday, March 19, 2009


OMG Peppermint Blue has done it again... This time they have opened a Freebie Store for one month.... A Great place for all the Newbs out there because most of the newbie assistance packages come with skins and shapes, as well as a complete set of clothes and boots/ shoes... Some even come with hair... so yeahhhhhhhhhh....... I am glad I am a part of Peppermint Blue.. So come on in to the store and check it out ...EVERYTHING IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE... All the older group freebies can be found in one place.. so hurry on in and grab the goods ........ONE MONTH ONLY

Tons of outfits in an ever changing array of combinations..... So hurry on in peoples....
Stuff for guys and gals... , all kinds of outfits, and pajamas too complete with slippers....


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