Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lets Go Green

When I heard of this hunt yesterday I thought .. ok .. ill try it and see.... because there were plenty of rules of does and donts and I hate rules, but I decided to try it out and see what we could find.. And It was worth it to go.. But the rules are clear... (because this hunt takes place on one Sim, with 121 boxes to be found filled with goodies from shoes, and skins, and eyes, and clothes, and jewelry, It is bound to get pretty lagged up... So.. Deprim Everything and go in totally bald, shoeless, and with No Ao, or prim clothes.... Bikinis are fine ... But remember the way you felt way back when.. When u were first a NEWB? Well feel that way again here in this hunt but have fun doing it because everyone else is going to look the same way...... So go and have some fun.... I did, and the hunt itself is easy and fun.. look high and low, and everywhere in between.. heheheheheh
Just letting you all know in andvance that none of these are in order, and once you are there you will know why........U see and then you grab

Luv this really cute green Corset dress.. Free .. Hair is also free.. Just Im me and you can get your FREEEEEE red hair too......... Cute and flexi and perfect for St'Patty's Day #76

Free sexy Full Body Clover Tattoo..... OOOhhh LAla!!!!!!!! #44 From Nosotras

Irish Skin..... Luvv it #44 from Nosotras

Sexy lingerie Comes with yellow shoes, jacket and skirt, and did I mention the Jet ski too?........ I just happened to like the lingerie better.. hehehehhheehhe
Called Pamela.. its #35
Most of the items are numbered so you know what you have and dont have, but since this is all in the same place and everything is so close together...... I didnt name places just numbers .. so just grab the boxes when you get ther.......... oohh #94

Same with this one .....Polly wannaaaaa crackerrrrrrrrrrr
happy hunting anyway..... #13.... this green Shamrock outfit comes with boots and scarf and hat.. Yeahhhhhhh ' and a shirt and pair of jeans with the cuffs....

s and the green hair are in a fat pack of goodies .. #21 filled with armbands.. 2 styles of hair...... hats galore. and more.... A must have for any occassion, and all green..
This sexy Purple shirt is from A piece of Candy .. #5

Outfit is from Shabby Chic #11....

Letting everyone know that this hunt will last until March 17th.. So u have a week to take some time and grab yourself some wonderful goodies for FREEEEEEE

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