Monday, March 30, 2009

Bunny Hopping

Ok.. Lets get back to the swing of the hunt and find some more goodies out there for you all.. I know that this is the biggest hunt going on right now and everyone in his brother is blogging about it, but Im still going to bring you some of my favorites. til I finish this wonderful hunt.. I cant believe how many goodies there are out ther, and how fabulous all of them are.. We are here at #98 ... at the location of **AGEHA** where you can pick up this amazing outfit.

Peel back the layers and you have this sexy Hotty.....
next we have Twisted and Spoiled at #104.. with an awsome bunny costume, right up my alley.. with 2 different skirts and a belly chain whick I just love wearing... As everyone now knows Belly chains and hats are my favorite accessory.. heheheheheh.. Just look at this outfit.. Woot..

Then we head to # 106 here at Chikka designs for this fabulous teal outfit, and 4 poses stuffed inside their egg .. Woot..
here is the pics.. WOW.. I love getting FREEE poses. ..

also.. Join the subscribo and get another wonderful gifty for FRee too.. yeahhhhh for goodies and freebies........


another wonderful goodie for all of us.. Remember , most shops are offering male and female goodies as well.. So if you have a partner and you find something good, make sure he comes and grabs his as well.. There no fun in hunting alone..... heheheheheheh.. I am , and its kind of boring.. But Im blogging, so I'd only slow things up a bit.. Ok.. Enough of that......Here we are at #108....Elsie Shop.. It's a big place, and worth exploring. Im having fun here ...
I so luv this dress.. Its amazing in red, with teh matching ears.. Yeahhh I love it.
ok thats it for today....... I need to go....

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