Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Terrific Terrific Terrific Tuesday

Taking a break from hunting for this morning and I have decided to do catch up on other freebies from around the Grid.. So we are off on our hunt for Freebies, Dollarbies, and good deals... Lets get started....

A place I have never been to before but Glad I came across is this wonderful little place called, Frop..... has 2 freebies out for you today .. with their logo on each one, and both pink... So come and grab them, while you can..... one is this really cute t-shirt FREEE ..

the other is this really cute pink zip up jacket, with the Frop Logo , FReeeeee..


Sensual Silks aslo has 2 freebies out for you today peoples...
One is this sexy rose leg band,.. Free, and .

the other is this cute pair of love earrings.. free.....


And Today at Kosh you can pick up this really awsome Moth Cellar Chocker for 1L.. I like the unique stuffs and this is one of them that I really like.. So come on in , take a look around, geab the gifty , and the hidden egg from the Bunny Hop hunt, and have fun..

Then if you go next door , to Concrete Flowers, you can find 2 new dollarbies ther as well.. One , I really like, is this cute item called Munchies, that comes with 3 different treats, and ooh so fun...

The other is this pack or braceletes.. Good for any occasion.. also 1L.. so come on in and grab your today.. they nefer are around for long..... One week at the most.. heheh .. So hurry on in peoples.......


And before I begin again on the Bunny hop hunt.. We are stopping by NOSOTRAS, for a 5L goodie for guys and gals.... So here are the pics... I really like the Anti-Rabbit shirt Diam is wearing ....goes so well .... the ears are wonderfully sculpted with cute little studs on them .. I like........

(For the guys.... 5L... Model of the day.. is Diam Lewall.. Thanks so much Diam.. You were a great sport....)
And for the girls is this wonderful bunny outfit complete with bunny feet that emmit little paw prints, sooooo cute, and only for 5L........................... comes with ears, outfit , tail , and all....... Yeahhhhhhhh So cute ....... Im in luvvvv with this outfit...


And lastly today...... A wonderful FREEEEE beach tote.. from.. RBZ Design .... Just come on in and grab it.... For a limited time only....... FREEE


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