Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gonna get Sexed up

While tp'ing around trying to find some really cool Slave sandals for my silks.. I happened upon this really great place called Sexy fashion & Hot Clothes.. hehehe Very catchy and the place is wonderful... has tons of great stuff too.... But I am bringing to your attention this...Sexy outfit .. try it on for size.. hehehe.. Sexy as hell and FREEEEEEE...

And a free pair of sandals too....



WHile still searching I also Tp's into Silk Dreams and found this Freebie bag of goodies sitting by the front door

Silk dreams has quite a few goodies all in one shopping bag for you today.. FREEEEE

1. silk dream blossom minidress

2. silk Dreams Elemental capri outfit..

3. Silk Dreams Sexy pink V dress...

4. Wet dream.. Tutti Frutti


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