Saturday, March 14, 2009

DV8 and Pulling Strings

Midnight Mania boards are now becoming one of my favorite pastimes, that and lucky chairs.. hehehehe I think Im hooked.. And did u know that if you are patient enough you cna find just about anything you want for FREEEE? Yep thats absolutely correct.. You just have to hunt for the goodies... Lets hop on over to DV8 this morning and check out the goodie for this weeks MM Board.. And you can find it's this stunning outfit complete with hair and boots just in time for ST' Patty's day .. YEAHHHH.. I really like it ..

And if you just happen to be in the subscribo group for Striking Poses.. You can get these 3 amazing poseball sets... I really like them.. pictured here wearing the outfit from DV8.. Yeahhhhhh... Poseballs are free if you join the group ......


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