Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sassy and Stylish

Well it has been quite a night.. And Already this morning I have Tons of notecards to raffle trhough, and plan on bringing you all some really wonderful gifts, and dollarbies, and more treats.. So gear up .. Here we go... I got a notecard today about some great stuff here at LVS drive.. So I tp'd on over here first thing this morning Just to see what I could find.. First stop on today's Hunt is a placed called..Sassy By Chal.. out on the front steps you will find a Lucky board with this Fantastic Outfit called Orange Moon Witchy.. Aptly named if you ask me.. The Board changes every 10 minutes , but well worth the wait.. ,

and since you are already here make sure to grab the FREEEEEEE gift insode the store .. It's perfect for Valentine's Day.. your parnter will luvvvvv it ... and its FREEEEEE so ladies.. Come and grab the good stuff.. Take some time and have a lok around the shop as well.. There are some great things in ther


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