Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hunting at Lemania

Hey all.. While I was here checking out the Mm Board and all the goodies that I found there .. I started looking around and found out theat ther is also another spectacular hunt going on ther right now as well.. It is called the Party Hunt... There are 25 little red top hats hidden around the Sim, both upstairs and downstairs.... And all hats are 1L each.. But inside the hats, you will find MANY wonderful outfits most come complete with shoes.... So you are getting a remarkabl;e deal with just 1L.. I went lookign around and found some really great outfits that I thought you might like.. So here are the 11 that I found while looking around.. I hope you like them..... All pics are 1L each........
#5 Snow Day Play

#6 Taking a Chance on Love

#10 Pavane

#11 New Year Dream

#12 Frozen in Time

#13 Kiss Of Fire

#14 Citrus Roses

#17 Evening Tide

#22 Isabella

#23 Chaleur

#25 Waiting for the Metro

These outfits are amazing and this is one hunt that you shouldnt miss..


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