Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Sondra...

Well Continuing on this mornign here at LVS Drive, I am walking the snow beaten paths, and going from palce to place, and seeing what I can see.. and I happened across a place I have never seen before, or I dont remeber seeing that is.. A little place called Sondra's Creations.. And I must tell you.. This place is remarkable.. Right outside the door is a big MM Board, Target is only 50 slaps.. And the gown is called Butterfly.. And extremely Beautiful.. I am a sucker for gorgeous gowns as well.. and this one is great.... Come take a look and slap that MM Board will ya?

Also since you are already here... Head inside the store and check out the 3 cute little dollarbies I found for you sitting at the front.... 1L each

And...... Even though it is NOT Christrmas.. This outfit for only 5L.. IS soo cute I couldnt resist picking it up either....... 5L, is a great price.... Come on in and check these out lovly ladies of Sl......... Have fun, and takje the time to look around and enjoy the view.. hehehehehehe No pun intended.. hehehhehehe


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