Friday, January 8, 2010

Group Gifts...and More

I know it has been a while and So I am bringing you all some attention to some really great group Gifts.. I knwo that MOSt groups are generally Freeeeeee and worth joining.. But please refrain from Group joining just for the marvelous gifts.. If you like one that you see and Are NOT part of that group , then seriously look into it and decide for yourself if you believe it's worth joining to stay.. Instead of Hopping from group to group.. Because these groups gifts are Fabulous... ANd most often, FREEEEE as well.. So let;s Start here at SLC, where IF you are a Member, have your tag activated , and you'll be able to get this really sexxxxy looking Blue dress, Perfect for that night when you want to do a little seducing of your own.. hehehehhehee


Moving on... New Jan Group Gift For Bliss Dolls only, Remember to wear your group tag to buy :) This is one sexxxxxxay Hott little number, well worth joining the group and staying of corse , the gowns are ALways, fantastical.......

This dress./ gown is only 1L.. So wear that tag, and grab the gown my pretties.....


And Now for something cool as far as your foot .. this really retro style poair of shoes up on the Mm Board here st Ingenue, well worth coming in to take a slap at the board.. U interested yet ? hehehe I slapped it... I am a foot person, and cant seem to ever have enough shoes in Rl as well as Sl.. So they are mine.... hehehehhehe and freeeeee Only 60 slaps needed, so hurry in my pretties... and make sure to ensure your shot at tonights Mm Board prize....

And New at Flashpoint Fashions, for all you wonderful Saints fans out ther.. Come on in and take a slap at the Mm Board, and try and fulfill the quota and grab this cool set of couples pj's.. For FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe..


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