Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prim Perfect Christmas

pRIM pERFECT cHRISTMAS .. That's what you get when you come on in to Prim & pixel and have a look around.... If you happen to visit the Christmas house, just outside the main shop you can find 3 wonderous gifts, just waiting for you.... The first is a wonderful Photo Hud.. just wear the hud, chose your backdrop and snap the pic.. Many to chose from and lovely tooo. and FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE..

the second is a wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEE jukeBox, with I believe, 8 channels on it, so Happy listening, and have fun.......

And the Third gift that you can find here is the wonderful Monochromatic Christmas photo Scene , for all those wonderful stylish clothes you wish to show off...... FREEEEEEEEEEEE..


Then Head on over to the main Store where you can find this wonderful OUtfit , scattered around the store in 3 different hunt gifts... as well as a few goodies for all of you hidden in the boxes under the tree... So have fun and good luck my lovlies...

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