Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Tis the Season, or so Everyone says.. heheheheheh I'm No scrooge, but , sometimes, Dealing with the Holkidays, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.. And this is MY FAVORITE time of year.. YEAHHHHH.. So without Further Babble, I want to share with you a few things I have found for you all this week... I hope that you all enjoy them.... So , Shall we get started? We are here at Snatch.. Where you cna fish for this wonderful naughty Elf outfit, in the fishing hole... Good luck, this outfit is cute, It just takes a little bit of time and patience in order to get the whole outfit.. But soo worth it in the end....

And ther are some really cool Lucky prezzies, uinder the tree and around the couches, next to the fishing hole.. So make sure to check those out as well....


There are 3 wonderful Lucky Chairs here at Nominee, and with some great items upon them too,.. So come on in , cn=heck them out , and I hope you all get lucky......

And try your hand at the Lucky fortune, and hopefully you can win this very sexy outfit while you are here


Then here at Dressing Aphrodite, we have 3 wonderful Lucky Boards that seem to change every 10 minutes on the back wall,

as well, as a free gift sitting on the floor.. FREEEEEEEEEEEEE so come on in and check it out..

Also up for grabs, well, slaps anyway, is this really cool pair of slippers on the Mm Board.. So come and slap away my pretties.. they are worth it.. So come check them out....


Here at Journey By Prism , ...strait from the notecard ........This weeks dollarbie is truly an SL collectable. A darling red Christmas sweater featuring santa and a giant candy cane and sexy holiday jeans. the jeans are ripped thoughout with Christmas sayings on the front and on the back pocket a picture of good Ole St. Nick. The ensemble is complete with faboulous red knee high boots from Prism with black buckles. Be sure to grab this item now during the holiday because it will be a collectable. It is only available this week.


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