Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hunting For Christmas

Well, it's hump day once again , and many things to be found on this day .. So Without further babble, as I usually do.. I am cutting to the chase and we are heading to alaMood Boutique, where you can hunt for 2 very cool goodies..... First up , you can find the Silver and Gold Hunt gift .. and you can get this awsome set for you sexxxxay women.... FREEEEEEEEEEEE
find it, and get the earrings and the boots......

And then find the Down the Chimney hunt gift and get this cool set for men and women.. For FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee.. A belt and bands set. for ladies and men.. good luck my lovlies


Moving on to Blushed Jewels, you can grab a ton of Jewels underneath the Christmas Tree for 1L, a Box..

So worth it when you realize, just how much stuff you are going to get in one box.. So come on out , enjoy the snow, and grab some wonderful pieces of jewelry.. 1L each box....... This necklace and earring set come in 4 different colors, (A Fat Pack)

This set contains bracelet , earrings , and necklace, in 3 amazing color combos , all for only 1L....

And so much more under the tree, so come and check it out...........

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