Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Wish List?

Have you all started that wonderful list yet?, or just winging it this year? With all my shopping already done, and the start of my Yearly celebrations, My wish list is that I wish everyone health, Love and Happiness, most of all...... I wish that you all enjoy these wonderful treats I have found for you, .. Well, Lets Start here at Dilly Dolls, where i was just informed by one of my dear readers.....Taonuviel Furuseth.. (thanks so much darling....) That ther are some wonderful pressies underneath the tree that are worth checking out.. So lewts go see what they have.. I hope that you all like... Because Dilly Dolls is one of my Fav. shopping places here in Sl.....we have sweaters, w/ pet pals...... / buddies..... we have shoes, and more.....


Then we are heading on over to Thunderstruck radio, where you can also find some wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE gifts under the tree outside as well,
Such as a shape for men , and one for you ladies, there is jewelry, such as this awsome Chocker, and lip ring, which is tecnically a ring for the male hands.. heheheheh But Sl put it on m,y face so I took the pic.. heheh There is also a bracelet in the same box to..

Also you can get this cool sweater from RGK, underneath the tree

And you can get these wonderful decorative, funny hats for free all in one box with about a couple dozen other fabulous treats for Christmas all boxed together. And ther are more too, So come on in and check out the tree, and grab your free prezzies..


Moving on we are heading to Vlodovik here is some info for you to check out......

SANTA BABY HUNT - DEC 15-31: Find 3 black hats and get a complete outfit!

I just love this wonderful little outfit, the whole thing only costs a total of 3L. Shoes are in the hunt too, so make sure to grab all 3 cute little hats for this adorable outfit.. 3L........ Total

Also in store you can still get this sexxxy little outfit for only 1L..... Hurry these offers only last a week....


Now moving on, I am here at Lily pads, where I Tp'd because I havent been here in a while, and wanted to see what was new.. So let's find out together shall we?,

There is this cute plaid Vintage set on the MM Board, so come on in and slap away, this is really a cute set for mother and daughter, or just plain cute for anyone. So slap that board and get the gift..... FREEEEEEEEEEEEEe

Also in store is the red present from the SLH Hunt #50.. Find the pressy, and get this cute outfit for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe

Also be sure to check out the 2 Lucky Boards for your chance to win one or both of these fabulous outfits too.......

The JBH Hunt #93 gift is in store as well, so find the red bell , and get this really great Snowball Fight outfit for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEe.


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