Friday, December 4, 2009

New For you

Making my blogs smaller and quicker, as Rl is Quite interuptive as of late .........Yeahhhh.. More wonderful goodies here at Peppermint Blue sitting and waiting for all of you to come on in and grab them up................... So hurry on in while you can, as these Newbie Assistance Packs NEVER last long here at PB.. Kisses and I hope you all enjoy...........


Also making a quick trip here to World Wide Industries, AKA.. WWI.. heheheheh To grab this very Smexxxxxay Snowflake Bra.. Now, seriously.. How Festive can this be? I think with a partner, I wouldn't be wearing this much.. heheh He / or she would be taking it off because it makes one look sooo sooo soo Hot.... Are you feeling the heat yet? ..

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