Thursday, December 31, 2009

OUt with the Old...

Well today is officially the last day of the Year.. Time to bring in the New Year, and I hope that we can do it together with a Big Big Bang... So without further babble from me.. lets hit the shops, and see what we can come up with ... Starting here at Priosm By journey.......

And tonight's dollarbie is a favorite - SeaDance by Journey. Only 1L.. So come on in and grab it while its Hotttttttt....

Also while you are in the store, Make sure to slap the Mm Board by the front door... Only 100 slaps needed in order to get this fabulous outfit for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe


From My Favorite all time shop here in Sl.. Prim & Pixel......... check out this notice........ Happy New Year to one and all! My sister Karra, my fiance Sutra , and I would like to wish all of you & yours a healthy and prosperous New Year!!!!!!!!

Ok let's get rolling here before the 2010 just rolls right over me!
1) New!!! Pick Reward!! The Relaxed Tuxedo, my New Years Eve gift to you.

NOTE there will be TWO rewards boards up, one for galz and one for the guyz.

Check out these Fantastical outfits........


From Bejambled Designs.........................Happy New Year!!!
Come by and get your free gift pack! Included in this pack are:
GIFTS! GIFTS! GIFTS!- Dragonfly necklace- 4 pack of eyes- woman lingerie- Men’s submariner watch


Now are you loooking for those wasted poses, to bring in the New Year? Well here st Juicy .. You can get them for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. Here is the Info from the Notecard....

I made the Wasted Fashionista pose set two years ago when nobody had "wasted" poses to use for some fun post-party pictures. I've re-uploaded them with a slower ease so they will look smoother when you play them in-world.
They're totally FREE at my shop from now until Midnight January 2nd -- so come and grab them! :)


I Hope you all have a safe and Wonderful Time tonight... Happy New Year

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