Saturday, November 22, 2008

SHI Devil ? & Cat's Eye

Today a wonderful little place called SHI

November freebie of the month
OMG sexy latex cat boots.. absolutley FREEEEEE along with a marvelous, scripted collar with leash and slave hud as well.. Holy cruddddddolasssssssssss

The collar 's hud has many wonderful Kinky poses, as well as Controls for your little clave, or BIG slave, if you wanna control those men in your Sl life, just use the collar and u can actually yank them around.. This is soooo amazing.. Here, you see me with the sexy boots on as well as wearing the nasty little collar, that I so Adore.. Its Kinky for sure.......A MUST HAVE for all u control freaks out there, Me included..heherhehehehehehehehehe


A Few goodies and freebies at Cat's Eye MAll

Camp for 10 minutes on their silly little Snowman's head camping chair and recieve these Knee high socks for the holidays.. Cute and comfy, if you wanna lounge around, so be super Shique and wear them around and show them to all your so sexy girlfriends .... Well worth the 10 minutes sitting on Frosty's Head .. hehehehehehheeh..... I'm just glad he didnt melt away..(OMG.. did I just say that outloud)?

Also make sure that you look around the mall as you will find other freebies upstairs...

To the right of the camping chair you will find this soft, warm, fuzziy sweater dress, , OOOHHHHH so super sexy............ FREEEEE

to the left you will find this cute little snowman ......... FReeeeeeeee as well.......

and if you continue to browse through the upstairs u will find A set of 3 Tee's just right for the taking ... Free

As well as this pile of shoes.. ALL FREE , so hurry in ther while you can before they dissssssapear.....


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