Thursday, November 20, 2008


While starting my blog, I was talking to my good friend Vanora, and she gave me some interesting places to check out and Blog about if I thought they were good, Well She gave me an Electifying Jolt, when I popped into this place.....

On the Catwalk, deals in these absolutly FABBB skins and shapes.. Designer all the way, and how could one not find something in there to slink that Av into .. MMMMMM, yummmmy ..Coooooodles to the Owner, Isabella Latte.. She has done an AMAZING job on her skins

Just innside the door to your left are two boxes of goodies for 1L each filled with pedicure and manicure goodies, and the other box hold a few of her awsome skins as well as more manicured. gloves , so u can deck out your Av is style

Also ther is a wonderful Lucky chair just inside the door on your right Containg some stunning works of art as far as skins go..... They are amazing, and well worth the 5 minutes spent wiating for the chair to change. HEy all.. While I was ther in the span of 10 minutes 2 V's popped up and I snagged me a really adorable skin.. Im adding my pic to show it off ITS GORGGGGGGGGGous

Make sure to walk around the shopping plaza that Catwalk is located in , as u will find another 2 lucky chairs out in the courtyard, and scenery decorated for the Holidays.. Its really DUNNNN up out ther. heheeh ..... Happy Hunting and Bundle up.. I feel a little drafty......

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