Sunday, November 23, 2008

Prim and Pixel Penguin Hunt

--------------------------Prim and Pixel-------------------------------------------

Yeah another glorious hunt at one of my favorite places.....WOOOOOOT

We are looking for 19 little penguins to put them all together to create one uniformed outfit by Mairead, and Karra.. This is the newest release....It's called "Chainmail and Leather" and if u find all the pieces, its yours totally FREE. However, if u chose NOt to hunt for it u can buy it outright for 450.....L Only during the duration of the hunt. which started tonight and will end on NOv 27th at 11:50 pm Sl time . After that it will be put out at its Original Price of 595L

So come and get it FREEEEEE while you still have a fighting chance. WOOOOOT

Lets go looking for tiny penguins ... and happy hunting to the rest of you ...............

It is always so much fun to go hunting for such Wonderful goodies, and how could one NOT have any fun here with all the wonderful sceenery to look at and all the little nooks and crannies to explore...?

Giant Gingerbread house, not free, but only 50L for this gorgeous work of art, that everyone should have during the Holidays ..

I had so much fun on this hunt, and I am so sure you will as well.....

This out fit is Marvelous, and well thought out , and the details on the boots is just amazing.. I love this outfit, and have added it to my Favorite pile of goodies...

Here is a pic of me with the outfit almost completed.. However, still missing the vest.. but since have aquired it (curtousy of Mairead.. ---thanks darling)..... KISSSSSES ..

Another pic of me wearing the outfit, cuddled on the tummy of the giant bunny... LOOK how cute.......

Hope u all find the whole outfit.. HAPPY HUNTING , and GOOD LUCK


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