Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eclectic Styles

------------------------------------ECLECTIC STYLES ----------------------------------------
I went Grid hopping again today, and found this wonderful little place.... Thought you all might like some of the things they have to offer .. I found while ther, 4 dollarbies right at the front entry way ,

This litle pink number is called" Lickable Purple.." Although the color is most certainly PINK

ALso in the store you will find a Lucky Santa chair... 25 minutes to change between letters.... with no idea what u r getting heheheheheh . I guess he brings gifts, so Thats the reason for the Mystery ooohh welll.. I love surprises........
And last but not least ....... there are 2 lucky chairs there on the other side of the entrance in the front of the store.. hehe , and yesss.... AGAIN... I GOT LUCKY.. LMao ..
Here you will see the oohhh so smexxxy looking skin that I won.. I soooo luv the eye makeup

It says dare to be different, and well,,, it is different, but still very sexy....


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