Friday, November 21, 2008

A Piece of Candy... Alphamale and Blacklace,..... and Lamania

Have you ever had one of those days that nothing you do works out?
Well. Sorry it has taken me all day just to post a few Freebies for you all to snag.. My last post worth at least 20 ggod freebies, was wiped clean away.. UUUGGGHHHHHH
So Here we go, starting all over from scratch

Please forgive me my .... mmmmmm.........Tardiness
Starting with A PIECE OF CANDY

This is the group gift from A pice of Candy.. A Yummmy soft , scooped neck sweater.. It's so cold outside that I dont even want to take it off.. hehehehehe

I popped over ther after recieving this adorable sweater to see if I could find a pair of pants, or a skirt to match, but was greeted near the entry with a sign that said Red Diamond Hunt .. Still going on till Nov 23rd, So if you would like to hunt for little red diamonds, holding gems of awsome skins, then hurry on over before the hunt ends...


AlphaMale and Blacklace


One cannot imagine the goodness found between the walls of this remarkable retail plaza.. I was totally BLOWN away....... There are 2 little black Dollarbie bags located with in the center of the store.. marked for 1L each... They hold lots of goodies within..

This smexxxxy little number was in Bag 1 , I believe. Along with 3 different skins, (one of which I am wearing here... The outfit inside the bag is a white bustierre, with panties, and stockings... Sexy as hell if u ask me.... Sure to entice the love of your life..

In this pic, I am wearing another of the gorgggy skins promoted within the Dollarbie bag.. I just adore the heavy looking eye makeup on this one....


Lamania's Indigo Designs


I got an IM, and a notecard today describing this sexy number, and telling how it is on sale NOW, for a very llimited time, one week to be exact, and then after that it will no longer be available to anyone at anytime, So I hurried on over and got mine in a flash .. I didnt want to miss out...and it was only 1L....

Also there are some wonderful goodies to be had inside and out .. On the front porch/ landing area u will find a lucky chair dispensing all kinds of goodies and a clone standing right next to the doorway . All u have to do is tap it on the shoulder, and recieve a free gift, if thats what u want .. I recieved this stunning cuteyyyyyy .. And I had to show it off by sitting on the Shoe chair and relaxing as I did.. It is called Plum . So come and get it....

(black boots with cross are not free, they are from Shoe Fly Shoes..... A group discount item only )

Also, one last thing before I go... The whole Sim is still having their AMAZING TURKEY HUNT, (see turkey below) All turkey's are 1'l and there are a lot of them, concealing a gobble of goodness inside each and everyone.... I came back with quite a few shoes and outfits to match.....


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