Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Finds Aplenty

Woot.. It's Saturday once again , and the bargains are once more plentifull, and sooo soo soo Fabulous, that I had to take time this morning to stop the Grid Wide Discovery hunt, and share with you all the wonderful goodness that groups have to offer..... Starting with Rock Me Amadeus.. which has a very sexy Floral outfiut out in store for all for only 1L... So come on in and grab this beauty... It's soo o sexy , and worth it..... 1L....
Here at Fashion, Clothes, Boots, and Shoes by SCL Mainstore.. we have for you today this beautiful Summerdream outfit for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE..

Along with a few sexy outfits in the lucky chairs..
And this sassy in pink outfit on the MM BOard......

Here at the Landing point to the Lovely shops, which houses many wonderful little shops and resell vendor outlet stores... You can pick up these wonderful goodies for FREEE or 1L each.. Again at the landing point, let it rezz and you can find at least 10 boxes of free or 1L goodies.. So make sure you grab them all and have a field day and some fun doing so.....

Here are some pics of whats at the landing point....This outfit is in the box o the far left of the platform.......also using the 1L pose called Coy....

You can snag this Dollarbie pose called Coy.. 1L..

Or some rings, and more for 1L each.. But ther is a FREEEEEE gift sitting next to the Coy pose box.. So make sure you snag it..

You can get this really sexy white pair of Croc shoes.. for 1L.. I like white croc shoes, so I had to get this pair.. 1L....

Dolly Rock has an amazing and sexy outfit for everyone today for FREEEEEE come on into the store and grab it while you still can .. For FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


And lastly befor I call it a Day and logg off to take the kids to World's of Fun.. We are stopping by A&K Designs to make sure that we slap that MM Board for this amzing outfit... called Legacy... Ther r 2 boards, but they both have the same outfit on it so only hit one please.... hehehe... Woot.. Get those names up ther peoples.. And lets have some fun today.. HOO HOO HOO............


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