Saturday, May 2, 2009

MM Board Galore...

Midnight Madness and Mayhem has errupted all over Sl, and ther are Soooooo many goodies to be had, and found all over Sl, and the Mm Boards are numerous.. So today we are going to take another trek around the grid and find some great stuff for you today.... This weeks Goodie here at Flashpoint fashions, is the Red Hot Latez outfit.. Makes me wanna purrrrrr.... heheh.. It's sexy, tooooooo,, and FREEEEEE Just get your names up on that board..


Following that to Crave... We have this really great Urban Grunge outfit.. Very HOTTTTTT. and I of course had to have it.. So hurry and get your names up ther if this outfit looks good for you...... Its freee, Just get your names up on the board, and if the quoto is met by Midnight the prize is all yours...


If you are after something Sweet and Innocent looking head on over to Ribbons and Roses, and get your name up on the Mm Board, for your chance to win this really soft and elegant pink beauty....


Want something whicked and sexy at the same tim e? Well look no further than Dare Designs for this sexy outfit......... Freee if the quota is met by Midnight.. and Excuse the Lag, but this place Rocks.. It's populated all the time, and the deals, and clothes are amazing, as are the 4 lucky chairs flanking the walls by the Mm Board...


As it is Now Springtime just about all over..... heheheh Lets Hp on over to B&T atlier, for the New sexiness up in the MM Board ther.. It's called Sporty, and I for one had to have it...... Thanks Baby Lee


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